Before choosing an airline, think about this, the price should not be the once criterion of choice and some airlines are authorized to land on our airports with equipment fully respecting the regulations, but once in the country of stop, that is another story ...
Our blacklists are there to reassure tourists but the authorities are desperately short of courage when you have to tackle government companies, so they are incomplete.

Airlines to avoid:
It is better to spend a hundred euros for a return ticket to Bangkok and prioritize the most reliable companies.

Recommended airlines by ranking:
For other airlines do not hesitate to ask me by email.

The particular case of THAI AIRWAYS and AIR FRANCE:
These two airlines are the only ones to do the direct flight BANGKOK PARIS which is very appreciable.
Problem, they are bad classified. So often I have taken THAI AIRWAYS, does not hesitate to travel with that I have the opportunity.
The case of AIR FRANCE is more delicate,  a major crash every 3 to 5 years, this is unforgivable and ... unique in the world of aviation. So far the company has a fleet recent and well maintained, each has to make a choice knowingly!

Local airlines:
Focus THAI AIRWAYS and AIR ASIA which offer all the guarantees of security.
I have no opinion on NOK AIR because it is not listed by specialized sites but why not, BANGKOK AIRWAYS is not subject to particular problems either.
All other airlines are black-listed!! Namely ONE-TWO-GO, ORIENT THAI, PHUKET AIR, LAO AIRLINES in Laos and SIEM REAP AIRWAYS in Cambodia. In Burma do not expect that our standard of safety are respected, MYANMAR AIRWAYS and AIR BAGAN are discouraged among others.